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Tilt Tower


Q: I see the total height is 44’. You state that it can go to 50’?
Ans: The tower is designed to accept the “Load” at a maximum of 50’. The tower itself is at a height of 44’ to allow the apparatus (antenna or wind turbine) to be mounted an additional 6’ higher using the apparatuses own mounting hardware.


Q: How big of a hole do I need to dig for the foundation? My wife is worried about how much garden space she will lose.
Ans: The foundation is 4’ X 4’ X 4’. 1.2m X 1.2m X 1.2m


Q: Can I attach guy lines to make the tower more stable?
Ans: Definitely, Customers with larger turbines have attached guy lines to the structure with ease.


Q: When the tower is fully extended, what kind of deflection can I expect?
Ans:This is a common question from our clients. In a typical 30 Mph wind, the tower will sway around 6”. This is normal for a self support tower of this style. Should deflection criteria for your application require additional rigidity, we recommend adding guy lines to the system to reduce tip deflections.


Q: I have a 150lb wind turbine with 8 ft blades. Would I need to attach guy wires?
Ans:Definitely. Any appurtenances that are added to your tower that can produce significant thrust and/or yawing moments will require guyed lines to be anchored to the ground.


Q:  My TV antenna, no cable avaialbe where I live. Will I have any problems mounting this?
Ans:This is one of the most popular uses for our tower solution. Television, CB radio and HAM radio antennas have been successfully used by our clients in various parts of the world. Our customers have even mounted their small satellite dishes to the tower and, with the use of guy lines, successfully maintained a stable signal even during those pesky weather days.


Q: 80lb VAWT. Can your tower handle this?
Ans:While the erected tower can handle the vertical load of said wind turbine, we recommend the use of guy lines and anchors to further strengthen the tower in reducing tip deflections.


Q: What can I expect to pay for material to build this?
Ans:Material varies with location, but you can expect to pay between $700 and $900 to build your own. This does not include concrete, galvanizing or paint.

Q: What is Tilttower's return policy?
Ans:We will give you a full refund if these prints are substandard in any way. They will give you full details of everything you need and need to do. We will refund your money up to 60 days from the date of purchase. We know that a lot of people will have the prints for months before they decide to start building. That is why we give 60 days for you to start your project.


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